The Fortis Program

This is corporate wellness gone natural.

The Fortis Program is an 8 week interactive corporate wellness program, designed to energize your employees and thus your company.

We provide you and your team with a deep understanding of the body, empowering you to build a better body and brain for life. You and your employees will be given the tools, motivation, and professional guidance needed to actually implement the information learned and stick to your healthier habits.

What Sets Us Apart

  • An integrative approach to wellness: We pair traditional, ancient wisdom on health with today's cutting edge wellness information. This gives participants the tools needed to bio-hack their way to a stronger brain and body. Real food nutrition, functional fitness, and stress reduction are all key components to The Fortis Program.

  • Access to a live instructor: An amazing wellness pro is there to answer questions throughout the program’s duration via video Q&A calls and our discussion boards. Also, participants get personalized instructor feedback on their food, sleep, and exercise logs.

  • Increased accountability and motivation: Team building activities and weekly health challenges help build morale, camaraderie, and better habits.

  • Real, measurable results: We give you tools and guidance for tracking improvements in your blood pressure, body composition, fitness, daily nutrition habits, and symptoms so that you can see the fruits of your labor. Also, you can watch positive trends in your employees' health.

  • Program flexibility: Our on-line platform enables you and your employees to engage when it's most convenient. You will never be forced to miss out on a session because of another meeting, travel, or teleworking.

Ways Your Company Will Benefit

  • Lower costs: A recent Harvard study reported that, "Medical costs fall about $3.27 for ever dollar spent on wellness programs, and absentee day costs fall by about $2.73 for ever dollar spent." Our clients' have reported savings up to $200,000 a year in health care costs after working with us.

  • Better employee retention & recruiting: Our program focuses on stress reduction, team building, and healthy competition, which are benefits current and potential employees are seeking. The course also gives employees something to connect over beyond work thus strengthening relationships.

  • Increased morale: The course is designed to build community and foster accountability through team and individual challenges and competitions. This excites and energizes employees!

  • Improved energy & productivity: Employees' cognitive sluggishness and mental fatigue are a drain on your company. The tactics we teach in the program empower participants to bio-hack their way to improved mental focus and productivity at work.

Our mission is to strengthen companies from the inside out by reenergizing employees. It's even in our name; "Fortis" means "strength" in Latin.

By providing cutting-edge nutrition, fitness, and wellness education, we give your company the tools it needs to improve the health of your employees and thus the health of the business at large. Healthy employees are more productive, creative, and cost effective. Invest in your employees, and your company will soar to new heights!

Your Course Curriculum

The Welcome Module

  • Maximizing program perks
  • Getting results
  • Program implementation & navigation
  • 1 video, 2 enhancement docs., 1 discussion thread

1. Prepare for Launch

  • Your blueprint for success
  • Setting & achieving big goals
  • Tracking your progress
  • 5 videos, 3 enhancement docs., 2 quizzes, 1 discussion thread

2. Life in the Fast Lane

  • Optimizing your fuel intake for maximum performance
  • Hacks for fast, nutritious meals & snacks
  • 3 videos, 8 enhancement docs., 2 quizzes, 2 discussion threads

3. Drink to Your Health

  • The power of H2O for optimal brain, digestive, & joint health
  • Diuretics & dehydration
  • Discovering your unique hydration needs
  • 3 videos, 3 enhancement docs., 2 quizzes, 1 discussion thread

4. Gut Check

  • Decoding digestive symptoms
  • Why you are what you absorb
  • Optimizing digestive function for a better brain & body
  • 3 videos, 3 enhancement docs., 2 quizzes, 1 discussion thread

5. Fat-Burning Machine

  • Overcoming the sweet addiction
  • Burning fat effectively
  • Balancing blood sugar
  • 3 videos, 3 enhancement docs., 2 quizzes, 1 discussion thread

6. The Skinny on Fats

  • Fat's crucial function in the body
  • Good vs. bad fats
  • Choosing among the 3 fats for peak mental performance
  • 3 videos, 2 enhancement docs., 2 quizzes, 1 discussion thread

7. Freedom from Fatigue

  • Understanding the stress response
  • Identifying your main drain
  • Regaining vitality through natural bio-hacks
  • 3 videos, 1 audio lecture, 1 e-book, 2 quizzes, 1 discussion thread

8. Keep the Beat

  • The inside story on heart health
  • Surprising stress factors for your cardiovascular system
  • Reversing & preventing cardiovascular disease naturally
  • 3 videos, 2 enhancement docs., 2 quizzes

Bonus Workshop: Health on a Dime

  • Creative ways for cutting food costs
  • Ideas for inexpensive yet healthy, satisfying meals
  • Free, non-dietary steps you can take to improve health
  • Strategies for overcoming financial hang-ups that you may have regarding investing in yourself
  • 3 videos

Attention Nutritional Therapist Practitioners:

If you would like to help change the health and culture of your community by providing group wellness programs, we provide you with the support needed to make that dream a reality.

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